church plant?

A “church plant” is simply the term given to a new church starting up in an area.

Anyone who walks through the doors of The Well can be expected to be greeted warmly and cared about, regardless of his or her’s church background, or life circumstance. We’re a place where you can belong before you believe.

We hope you experience Christ in a whole new way.  

As a family of God we hope to:

  • Delight- God is so good we want to delight in Him and His Word.

  • Disciple- Being together in the thick and the thin. Spurring each other to be more like Jesus.

  • Declare- We are a church that will unapologetically declare the good news of the Gospel, without serving it on the tray of legalism.

  • Display- We want to actively live out our faith, displaying Gods love through our lives.